Dinner By Vol.4
Story Jam


March 2015

Project type

Dinner By Vol. 4 concluded a week-long residency at ‘The Platform’ in Loughborough Junction. Special guests reviewed findings from the week and critically reflected on community design for social impact.

Guests in architecture, ceramics, film-making, theatre design, spatial design and community engagement shared past experiences and savoured a selection of flatbreads with tasty toppings.

A key insight from the evening centred around the notion that neighbourhoods such as Loughborough Junction are home to a variety of residents, many of whom paths never cross.

As the designer or the consultant we often try to work in the spaces in between, the space of opportunities. Often we become the mediators between communities, land owners and the local authority.

The best moment in a project is when as the designer or consultant you realise that you have made a bridge between all the parties involved, the project has acquired a life of its own and you can remove yourself from it.