Somers Town Vol.3
Open House


July 2012

Project type

Somers Town Open House was a two–day event for the London Festival of Architecture. Eclective transformed an unused estate nursery into a ‘playground of ideas’ which presented stories, particular nuances and maps of everyday life in the area.

Through a participatory exhibition and one–day design challenge, visitors were encouraged to think creatively about public space and how it can better perform as an inter–generational social platform.

The event saw a lively mixture of local residents, community representatives, and designers. It was a perfect space for conversation between those who had lived in Somers Town nearly all their lives with those who had stumbled upon the neighbourhood for the very first time.

Some comments from the day:

‘A really fantastic project that is very relevant to the community’ – Resident

‘Nice idea to create a better area for the neighbourhood. I really hope the project can carry forward and that the locals will be able to enjoy a better, lovelier neighbourhood. Best of luck’ – LFA visitor

‘What a wonderful project! So happy we saw the signs!’ – Two passers by from South Africa who were exploring the area for the first time as a potential area to live in.

‘The space looked amazing and some of the feedback I have had already points to it being a really engaging and stimulating show.’ – Ben Frimston from Origin

‘Good exhibition – Should be turned into a heritage centre and the Gilbert Bayes Statues etc should be shown to the world! Good luck.’ – Resident


Origin Housing Association
London Festival of Architecture