Dinner by Vol. 3
Crepes Suzette avec eclective


March 2014

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Crepes Suzette avec Eclective was the third installment of ‘Dinner By’, an evening spent discussing social design and urbanism around the table.

Kitting out Camden Collective with our hot plate and map-embroidered table cloth, we asked our guests ‘Is it important to know our neighbours?’ Furthermore, ‘Can designers encourage ad hoc interactions between nearby strangers?

We approached the subject from the perspective that as designers, it’s not realistic to get one neighbourhood in the same room, but to instead design things (physical or non-physical) that spark an interest in discovering the people and places around you.

Special thanks to the guests who enriched our table, bringing with them backgrounds ranging from art, architecture, product design, research, writing, sociology and design consultancy. (They also brought crepe toppings, yum).

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Camden Collective