Hello GoodBike!


January 2016

Project type

This London-based project looked into ways that Goodbike, a cargo-bike scheme, might become a helpful new member of the Somers Town Community.

Eclective joined forces with Clear Village and London Green Cycles, and played the role of detective, asking people from the Somers Town Youth Club, Chalton Street Market, and the Somers Town Community Association for feedback and ideas of how they might use this scheme. In order to collect these ideas, we transformed our cargo bike into a ping pong table one day, and a crepe stall on another. Here are a few of the ideas we loved:

The football bike | The give your neighbour a lift bike
| The pop-up food kitchen bike | The best chicken bike | The Iron man’s bike | The clothes-galore bike | The coffee bike | The more burger bike | and the list goes on!


Clear Village
London Green Cycles

Thanks to

Somers Town Community Association
Somers Town Youth Club