Somers Town Vol.2
Bridging Boundaries


June 2012

Project type

Bridging Boundaries followed on from the ‘Field Notes’ project (Somers Town Vol. 1). In this installment Beverley and Yukie responded to extraordinary observations of everday life with a series of small-scale interventions, intended to have big social impact.

Interventions were proptotyped and installed in public spaces across Somers Town, they inluded the railing easel, the leaning cushion and the railing seat. They were aimed at responding to the needs of older residents in the community and sparking intergenerational interaction in the neighbourhood.

We believe by studying daily rituals and character traits, opportunities arise as to how public space can become a platform where people (of all ages) interact with one another. Whilst the case study was produced in Somers Town, the methodology can be applied elsewhere – to other neighbourhoods in the UK and further afield.

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Origin Housing Association
Joana Filizola - Graphic Design

Thanks to

Katerina Antosova - Photography
Finn Magee - Product Design