Story Jam


March 2015

Project type

As with every project, Story Jam began with an adventure…

Site research gave us a taste of local characters and places. Once we were awarded the ‘Meanwhile Space’, (a small empty building in Loughborough Junction) we sourced furniture from the nearby community garden (Loughborough Farm), co-operative workshop (The Remakery) and Loughborough estate. Our friends and nearby organisations helped to collect old jam jars. A locally based graphic designer (Pamela Parker) collaborated with us to identify the perfect visual language. We made oodles of jam, and finally, we developed new story-collecting and story-making tools to unveil in the space. During our week-long residency, we hosted 3 special events: an opening brunch, an evening presentation, and a closing dinner. Every day we encouraged passers-by to add their stories and ingredients to the pot, allowing the exhibition to grow all week long.


Meanwhile Space
Pamela Parker - Graphic Design

Thanks to

The Remakery
Loughbourough Farm
Local Residents